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NYC - Day two started a little bumpy, but all first world challenges

So breakfast was incl with the cost - real breakfast, not to go style.  Limited menu but certainly good enough.  The issue is they’re *very* slow - all the hotel staff seem to be on Caribbean time with NY customer service.  Less ideal.  So while I’d hoped to do a guided Central Park tour that starts at 10, it seems implausible now - esp since the zipper on my purse (aka wallet on a string) broke so acquiring a new bag is top priority.  Front desk people are the opposite of helpful for anything so that’s less ideal.

So the city may never sleep but it’s been disappointing how often things we wanted to go in were closed.   Food late at night, dept store to replace purse didn’t even open till 10, hotel requires a pass to open the door after 9, etc

NYC doesn’t smell any better today.  It’s amazing how hard that hits when you step outside.

Maybe doesn't require quite as much skill as the piano-stairs,
but still entertaining

Decided Macy’s was a good middle ground for replacing my bag.  And other than the good morning song they sang when we walked in, it was indeed.  We were overly fascinated by the wooden escalators and played a little with the floor piano (lol is it bad that I’m a better piano player with my feet than my fingers???) and then when I asked for help to “find something almost exactly like this” the woman nailed it in seconds.   C found me something not quite the same but actually better for what I needed and win.

There were several of the old wooded escalators;
I recorded one of them just for the click-clacking sound

Headed back to the hotel to drop stuff off and head out to Central Park :)

I wish I could've invented *any* use whatsoever for this purse.
Alas, I failed.  So it stayed in NYC.


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