Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Not quite warm yet

Cold today, but at least sunny. Spent most of it wearing my big puffy whale watching jacket. Amazing how happy it makes me just to have sunshine and hear birds.

Went this morning on an airboat ride - really enjoyed it. A little disconcerting how little water they need to traverse. Also disconcerting to see cows grazing on apparent tiny islands! Lol but they can walk across and I guess the gators mostly consider them too big to be prey - although we did see at least one recent carcass. 

The headsets let us hear the guide as well as ear protection

Lots of gators - had a lot of fun w my camera. Apparently not nearly as many as normal due to ridiculous cold, but far more than the zero I’ve ever seen before. 

The odd couple

I also realized I haven’t posted pics off my camera from the last Costa Rica trip OR even the maritime road trip Mum and I did. So there’s another project for my list ;)

Lunch was at a random Cuban/Mexican restaurant which was super tasty but way too much food! I wish the weather had been slightly better as the patio looked lovely, but alas, a little too cold for that.

We went to see manatees which are interesting critters. Lots there but mostly all we could see was the snout for a couple seconds. They always made a little snorting sound when they came up which helped me spot them. Occasionally saw snout and back. So admittedly didn’t capture my attention as long as some other animals can. Gorgeous drive there though.

Took C’s parents back and then went to run an errand followed by random driving around. Let us figure out a little more of how we want to do the rest of the road trip (aka not highway :).

Sitting in the sun now - still wearing my jacket but enjoying the feel of sunlight on my face and the sound of the wind in the trees. When it sets we’ll likely go find dinner :)


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