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It takes a braver person than I to tackle Miami Beach on Spring Break

So after Ft Lauderdale we drove to Miami.  We were tired and it was drizzling out so we weren’t feeling super motivated, but we decided we’d go do the Let’s Roam in Miami Beach.

Which sounds excellent.  Except it’s Spring Break.  And Spring Break in Miami Beach isn’t just a thing for the movies lol. But by the time we clued into that we were already there so…

We started off with this mermaid; no students in sight :)

This Let’s Roam was slightly less fun - partially in that it was focused around Art Deco buildings, which is not a style either of us care for, and partially because parts of it were poorly designed (involved backtracking instead of a smooth loop).   BUT - it did get us to visit way more of the city than we otherwise would’ve, and we prob learned a thing or two.

I have no idea what's happening here...

Definitely we learned we don’t care for Art Deco ;-P.   We also learned there’s a definite age break in the different areas of town on spring break.   Down by the beach was the younger crowd.  I loved the energy and enthusiasm there; it made me happy just watching it.  But I had zero interest in participating.  I’d like to blame getting old, but tbh I was the same in my 20s.  Lol I remember being in NZ and the people I was travelling w were all clubbing and 15 mins into the first one I was like”I’m good, I’ll meet you back at the hostel” lol.  So yeah, I can’t even say it was ever my thing, but I can appreciate how it would be for others.

Also of note - the police presence everywhere was insane.  I’ve literally never seen so many cops anywhere.  All were being pleasant and approachable, but definitely there keeping an eye on things.  And - many roads were closed to cars, which - as a pedestrian in this situation - was lovely :)

Was a lovely patio dinner

We continued our travels and as we looped back found ourselves in a more grownup area lol.  This was also pedestrians only but instead of clubs and bars was patio-style dining and quite nicely done.   Once we finished our roaming, we looped back here for a really excellent dinner.   I was really pleased for a night that had been threatening rain the whole time we had a really good night and it kindly held off :)

We finished off the night celebrating pi day as appropriate before returning to our slightly dodgy and very loud motel for the evening.

Tomorrow - the Everglades - plausibly in the pouring rain.


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