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Miami - not to be confused with Miami Beach

Back in Miami we got warm and dry and then headed out to do another Let’s Roam.   If not for Let's Roam, I would never have realised Miami and Miami Beach were not one in the same.   Suffice to say, this one was a very different experience.  It involved downtown Miami and was interesting enough, but not a loop - which means we ended several kms from where we started. Which, if my feet weren’t giant blisters from walking on different shoes (since mine were soaking wet), wouldn’t have been a big deal, but definitely by the time I got back I was ready to not walk anymore! 

Miami had some very pretty parks,
and by far the most extravagant yachts we saw anywhere.

We had a minor pause as between switching locations we saw a HUGE storm rolling in, and since we were at that time in a sheltered location, we decided we’d stay there and wait it out.

We waited this out at the art museum

So we did a bunch of challenges for extra points and the storm past quickly. 
This lovely dog got me 100 points!

Then we continued on our way. This Let’s Roam was slightly more frustrating than previous ones as it had a tendency to ask you questions for which the answers weren’t in the immediate vicinity. Which A, means more walking, and B, most challenges have a time limit so there may not be enough time to get to where the solution is. Other than that though, it was a decent walk that took us to several parts of the city. Chris got to admire some very impressive yachts, and I enjoyed the area by where they would have concerts and such. I’m sure it’s a bit of a tourist trap but I enjoyed the walk through it. 

We had the "date night" package;
One of the challenges was "take a picture of something you'd like to gift your date".
This is the gift Chris received ;)

The end portion was more city based and less fun imo. We did get to see some random street art and lots of murals (there’s another Roam that’s just murals, but we didn’t do that one), as well as some historic buildings. 

The yellow building was on our hunt,
but I really appreciated the artistry in the sidewalk.

After we finished we went on a quest for dinner. Chris wanted tacos for Taco Tuesday and we followed Google’s directions a long way, only to find the restaurant in question closed :(. By this point I was tired and sore and C was tired and hangry so we went back to the car and drove back toward our hotel. We’d found a whole strip of essentially food trucks and hole in the wall restaurants yesterday so we went back there and sure enough one of them was a taqueria :). Win!
An embarrassingly bad photo, but if you're ever in Miami, find this place.

I mean, the tacos were the best I’ve ever had. Bar none. I figured they were likely to be when A, the place was packed; and B, I’m pretty sure we were the only people who weren’t speaking Spanish. So yeah, that was excellent. And not expensive. Win. I honestly wanted second dinner, but we’d already discussed rounding it out with ice cream… 

Our second hole-in-the-wall win in one night!
Pic stolen from Google cause I was way too focused on the ice cream ;)

This shop had an added win of possessing *amazing* attitude. 

I neglected to take a pic of my fav sign which was something like: "if you have a complaint call me ###-####, unless the complaint is about me, then call my wife ***-****"

Anyways - the ice cream was excellent and huge sized. Pretty sure the waffle cones were fresh off the iron. Not cheap, but worth it for a treat.

So yeah, nice end to a good day :). We’re home early for which my feet are grateful. Tomorrow we’re off to the Keys.


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