Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Everglades - take 2

Back in the Everglades today - we drove right by where we were the other day and debated going back to do the two walks we bailed on due to being soaked and cold. But in the end decided to continue so we’d have time if we found something else cool to do.

Driving through, I was fascinated by the giant cypress section - perfect horror story background - tall, whispy, ghost trees. Impression only increased by the addition of Spanish moss.

The horror movie setup

This is a prettier version

We drove past a few “back country parking” - somehow when I think of back country camping, this is not the environment I’d tackle by choice ;). I’m sure some of that is familiarity but also - I just don’t see any way if making what is essentially a giant swamp pleasant. Interesting for sure - but not so much for camping ;)

Stopped at a random boardwalk just to look and see. A ton of alligators and interesting birds. Very few people so super quiet, which was nice.
Resting at the rest stop.
There were MANY gators here.

Saw one sign for a canoe launch - have to think that’s be v difficult in the Everglades…. Paths created by alligators, super shallow, random stops…. The big canals sure but the rest? Maybe not so much.

Chris’ comment driving into Everglades City was that “it must be small; it only had one sign and the sign for the panther crossing was bigger” lol

Cute town though and we got here just early enough to snag the last of the breakfast menu at a super cute little cafe. Think Muskoka with gators.


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