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A sleepless post

So I got about an hour’s sleep in the car. C drove the rest of the way to New Smyrna Beach where his parents are staying. We got there about 10:30am so overall had made very good time. We hung out for a bit; I was getting very close to crashing but then C and his parents went to run some errands so I got to have a wonderful life refreshing nap.

I will say though - we stopped at a gas station and there were an INSANE number of people and the noise…. My brain couldn’t handle it. Pandemic? What pandemic? Small doses. 

This dude was in the gas station; welcome to Florida ;)

We had a pretty easy day, went for a walk around the campground, then for a drive with Chris' parents to the touristy area of town, which was super cute, before yummy dinner.

I am somehow still technically awake but my brain shut down sometime mid dinner. Lol. Just waiting till it’s at least the average 5year old’s bedtime before crashing. Also, clocks go forward tonight so on the one night I desperately need sleep, we loose an hour. Fail. Night.


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