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"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Naples and Tampa

After the Everglades we traveled to Naples - not the Italian version, although certainly saw some houses mimicking the style ;). Naples was Oakville relocated somewhere warm and then some ;). LOTS of money, everything super well cared for, very little obvious tourism, next to nothing interesting to do. But a gorgeous beach with a lovely pier that had dolphins playing off it. 

Off the pier in Naples
Chris shot this one; I was too busy watching the dolphin play to remember to snap :)

The Let’s Roam here was okay - lots of long walks w no stops which I find less fun. I don’t mind the distance, but I want to be doing stuff in the way. Also there was one where the answer was about a 5 min walk from the question, on a timed clue. That was less cool. We made it no problem but A - we’re good at navigating and B - we walk fast. There are lots who would’ve lost that one just from walking a normal pace or respecting street lights. 

The beach was stunning and I would've loved
to have planned for an actual beach day there.

Other than that it was good though and some fun pics. I was mildly disappointed not to take advantage of the beach with some perfect beach weather but we weren’t really set up for that. 

I got to meet an elephant!

I’m not sure it’s a town I’d really target for vacation per se, but I could see snowbirding there or somewhere like there if the new world relaxes enough to allow out of country remote work. Except not really, cause the internet was the worst we’ve seen yet - a mild frustration for a gps-based online game, but a severe difficulty for remote work. 

Off the beaten path, comparatively tiny and plain, but still lovely.

So after Naples we went to Fort Myers - driving it was definitely a different economic area, but when we got to the downtown it was super cute. Alas, it was also INSANE. Turns out it’s St Patrick’s Day and people take it seriously in Fort Myers. Many streets closed, ALL parking full, and people everywhere. I even saw someone with a mini-horse?!?! And even it was dressed for St Patrick’s. So we aborted that effort and continued on our way… 

Best rest stop views yet!

Evening in Tampa, dinner at Cigar City Brewing, which has been on C’s list for a while. I quite liked our waitress (Sonata) who, when C asked about St Paddy’s day food, responded with “we’re not cool like that” but was super patient with giving C time to fully explore the very long beer menu. They also had possibly the best apple crisp I’ve ever had. One of the spices was different but neither C nor I could identify it. 

Love this pic of Chris :)

Our hotel was way out of town and while still budget, light years ahead of the last two. Last night’s was almost a joke how awful it was and the night before the room was bright enough that I could read with all the lights out.

So of three potential Let’s Roams today we only ended up doing one, but lots of time in the sun and a nice relaxing dinner were all good.

Tomorrow will be the end of our Florida driving but still a couple potential Let’s Roams to go!


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