Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Welcome to paradise

So Wed we did eventually make it to the resort :)   Chris and I went down to the beach to take sunset pics -- it was pretty amazing :)   And then dinner.  We started with three of us, and by the end had about 30.  That seems to be how things are going, and as is was to be expected.  After dinner, I cut out fairly early -- I think I was in bed by 10.  Chris stayed out with the group and from the stories I heard, all had an entertaining night :)

Thursday started with the hotel briefing, which we'd already mostly figured out.  We left that to go in search of our wedding planner.  Spent the rest of the morning with her.  It's so close to real now, esp as there was a wedding yesterday with the same setup we're having…  We did paperwork, and fortunately Chris had to detour by the room for something, so I had a minute alone with Georgina to confirm the details for his party :)   We also got a tour and a walk-through of how wedding day would go.  There was another couple doing the same thing with a different co-ordinator.  So far, I've been very happy with Georgina.  Organized and speaks flawless English.  She's also been super helpful with planning Chris' party alongside.  I'm still a little concerned things will get switched (at one point she had the bday cake listed as the wedding cake) but even if it does, it's not tragic.   Anyways -- it's paid for.  Although the more than 1.5 million price tag made my heart stop for a moment.  Mental note -- look for US currency, not local ;)

View from our room
This afternoon we enjoyed the stunning and flawless weather hanging out at the pool.  Roasted the bottom of my feet slightly -- mental note, shoes are actually mandatory, even around the pool.  But otherwise amazing.  Chris nearly managed to lose his camera testing out the floating strap.  It does, in fact, work.  So well the camera floated away ;)   Fortunately it didn't get far before its break for freedom was noticed.  Later in the afternoon, Chris and I escaped to the beach for a bit.  He us hats from the stand on the beach -- kinda love it.   We're all about the wearing white this week.  Then we hit up the surf shop to take out kayaks.  That was a lot of fun and very relaxing.  Not nearly as much of a workout as I'd expected.  Admittedly we weren't in it for exercise -- was a lot of drifting, laughing, and taking pics….  But I wasn't sure I'd be able to paddle over the waves at all, so finding it no stress was nice.   We went out past the point so we were out of sight of the hotel, not far, but was still fun :)

Water on the camera lens gave some interesting effects

I can hear monkeys!  So cool!  Have yet to see any though :(   The bus on the way home from the airport stopped so people could see, but it was the other side and I didn't get to.  Booo.  We have seen ridiculously large iguanas and a little yellow bird lives over our balcony.

It's Tonya's birthday today.  The hotel told me there'd be chocolate cake delivered to her room for her, but sadly it seems that never happened.  Booo.  Despite that, I think she had a reasonably good day :)   Chris and some of the others spent the day trying to corrupt her.  Take a drink, go to the casino.  All fun :)  
Evening we did wander over to the rather sad and small casino.  Most of us played slots - I have to object that the penny slots cost 30c!   That just doesn't seem right somehow ;-P  But really, the only one who did well was Chris C -- he made enough on penny slots to go play cards, and came home with I think a little over $100.  Not half bad :)

Ridiculously productive and busy for a beach day.  I've yet to open my kobo.  But so wonderful being here.  The climate, the people, the food…  Amazing.


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