Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

ALL the monkeys :)

All Friday the 13ths should be like this one.  Seriously.  Who do we have to talk to to make that happen?

Got up early this morn to go on a river tour.  The tour company itself was pretty sketch, but the actual boat ride was good.  They were excellent about finding and pointing out critters.  I was frustrated I couldn't turn off the autofocus on my camera -- and it rarely focused where I wanted it to.  Booo :(   Did get to see a ton of monkeys though!  Woohoo!  Hahaha I don't know why I'm so fascinated with them, but sobeit.  Also a reasonably impressive collection of birds of various colours and several crocodiles.  Maybe best to avoid swimming in this particular river ;)

On the return trip we went to Coco Beach.  Our bus-driver took us on a mini-detour to see the ex-pat suburbia. Oh the dreams...  Coco Beach turned out to be as kitschy a tourist town as you can get, but we went to the local grocery store to get Chris some coffee :)   There we ran into our riding guide from yesterday who was all kinds of excited to see us.  Told us he was there with 25 tourists; the accompanying eye roll made me smile -- apparently we don't count as tourists.  Yeah us!

We had ice cream and went for a stroll around the little town.  We were there for about an hour, and honestly - an hour was enough.  The beach was nice and had a gorgeous view, but the shops were all pretty much the same.  The one thing I wanted - a really horribly tacky picture frame (it's a thing) - I couldn't find.  Booo.  But lots of other junk I was just as happy to leave behind.  The staff in the shops were quite pushy, so it wasn't an experience I really enjoyed.  Not nearly as bad as in Jamaica, but in some ways worse as they'd pull you into the store and then follow you around - way inside my space bubble - pushing you to buy stuff.  Meh.

Our bus picked us up and it was back to the hotel with time still to spend at the pool.  Lovely.  The photographer in the pool did a photoshoot with us *g*  I was really happy Chris played along with that :)   We also met a really cool grandparently couple who told us about some of our travels.  They were celebrating their 64th wedding anniversary.  Amazing.

Dinner was at the steak house and was awesome.  First meal since we've moved that I really enjoyed.  Of course, the end result of that was I ate way too much ;-P   hahaha ah well. 

Another amazing evening beach walk led us to some people with a campfire going.  Had no idea that was a legal thing.  Just wish we'd known about it when the whole group was with us :)   I feel like they would've had a blast with that!

Another pretty incredible day in paradise.


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