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"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

A rather rude return to reality

So our flight got in almost on time -- a little after 2am.  And then we had a two hour wait for luggage!  Apparently the doors were frozen shut.  Ummmm Canada in the winter -- how is this a new problem?

Went back to Oakville and got about 4h sleep before heading to Paris.  There we found the duct work had, in fact, not been completed -- but had been started.  The end result of this being no ducts and therefore very little heat.  Did I mention the 70 degree (not even exaggerating) temperature drop between yesterday and today?  Right, we returned to record lows.  Frig.

So while I unpacked/repacked, Chris started making phone calls.  Turns out there were structural problems that needed to be fixed before the ducts could be *sigh*

Deciding this was entirely too much reality we went to visit Joe and Vicky -- our wedding photographers.  They warned us that not everything was ready.  Totally fair given that they've only been back a couple days themselves, but we *really* wanted to see anything we could!  And, well, we were pretty sure they had heat ;-P

When we got there, not only did they have the vast majority of them done already, but they presented us with an album with the top 20 pics printed.  What an awesome surprise!   And they were amazing!  I'm so happy :)

Chris and I stopped for a quick lunch and then went back home.  Ostensibly to pack -- current plan is for C to relocate to his parents and entirely gut the house, but at least in part so I could play with Sasha.  I missed her!

We arranged to have dinner with both our parents to share the album.  It was really nice and I think they were almost as excited about the pics as we were :)   Afterwards Mum and Dad took Sasha and some of my stuff home with them while Chris and I relocated to his parents' where, I admit, I crashed hard.

The next morning we met with Chris' guy about the house and put a plan in place.  Then it was off to Chris' grandfather's to share photos before continuing the packing.  We went and collected Tucker, who was soooo excited to see Chris *g*  Super cute.  And then it was time to go.

Yup that's right -- married and still living together only on weekends *sigh*  20 years from now, that might be okay ;-P  But right now it really sucks.  No fun at all.

People keep warning me that I'll crash hard after all the excitement of the last few weeks and that depression after getting married is normal.  But I'm wondering if I will given that I don't actually get to live with my husband...  It does have the slight plus of greatly extending the honeymoon period ;)   It will be months before we get to spend any "normal" -- ie come home from work, sit on the couch and vege, type time together.  Will the crash come?  I'm sure it will.  But my guess is it'll be a few weeks after we move into wherever the new house is.  And, well, future Laur can deal with that.  Current Laur is way too busy to come down yet *g*

Tomorrow it's back to work, teaching, AND my first archery lesson.   I'd really love time to go through Costa Rica photos, write my blog, and maybe sleep...  But I'm not sure exactly when that'll happen ;)   Off now!


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