Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

The beginning of this story is really the end of the last...

It's been an *incredible* couple weeks :)   Amazing and stressful and exhausting and energizing.  The emotional roller coaster was a ride and a half.  But we all survived and, well, the grin is still on my face ;)

And while I intentionally left my computer and all electronics (well, except my Kobo :) behind, I did bring with me the old school pen and paper.  Over the next few days I'll post the "blog posts" as they were written, date stamped when they actually happened...   As always, comments welcome!




So after months of planning and weeks of craziness, we're on the flight to Costa Rica.  Continuing the stupidity that was last week, this morn did not go smoothly.   Got to the airport with relatively little difficulty -- other than Tim Horton's forgetting Chris' coffee. Sheesh.  But when we did, Dad realized he'd forgotten his heart meds and had to go home and get them!  Suddenly exceptionally grateful for being there super early. 
Chris and I with our shortcut pass, ended up through security long before our friends and family.  And, I have to say, going through security with wedding clothes gets all kinds of smiles and nice comments.  As hassle-free as I've ever traveled.  Being through early, we went to find the fancy lounge we were supposed to have access to.  Denied.  Not amused.  However, I called our own personal Goddess of Travel, Julia who worked some magic and shortly thereafter we were in :)   Sweet.  It was all kinds of civilized -- particularly the hot breakfast.  We didn't stay very long though as we felt it'd be rude to abandon all our guests in the regular waiting area…
Still no sign of Dad, or for that matter, Chris' parents.  We were relieved to get a text from Mum that they were almost through security, and on follow up, had also seen C's parents.  Okay -- that's a start.   We then discovered our guests had various gates listed on their boarding passes.  Awesome.  Following the one listed on the main board, showed the *actual* boarding gate -- but several of the people coming with us weren't travelers, so we went around and found everybody to make sure they knew where they needed to be.
Anyways -- on the plane now.  Exhausted.  Almost too exhausted to be excited.  And sitting in the middle seat.  Blah.  But in about 4h we'll be in Costa Rica, and it will be warm, and the world will be good.


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