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Renovation purgatory

Another reno weekend.  Seriously wish I were still working at the farm -- maybe then I'd be fit enough for all this!  Sad how much weight I've gained and fitness I've lost in the short time since the wedding.  Hahaha was so good leading up to it, crashed pretty hard after.  Ah well - started back at the gym last week, so will get there.

It is cool to see changes at least.  Progress.  Here's hoping one day in the not to distant future I may actually be able to live with my husband ;)  What a concept eh?   So Saturday was incredibly productive.  Chris' friend Rebecca met us and between the three of us we got a ton done.  Took all the cabinets out of the kitchen and relocated them to Chris' grandfather's.  Then tore down a wall.  Also cleaned up all the flooring that we removed a month or so ago and left in the front lawn.  It was pretty thoroughly buried in snow, but at least wasn't stupidly cold out.  I, having no actual construction knowledge and little strength, am generally relegated to carrying stuff.  In this case, back and forth to the dumpster.  I know it needs to be done and it's one of the few ways I can actually help, but I seriously think my brain turned off at some point merely to stop it turning to mush.

On Sunday C's friend Ian was out, putting up walls to replace the ones we've been tearing down.  Classic eh?  While he was doing that, C was tearing down the ceiling in the kitchen while I, you guessed it, carried the remains to the dumpster *sigh*  Slightly more interesting chore in reorging the laundry room to make space for the little furniture left in the living room.  We also emptied the bedroom, since apparently those walls are next to be demolished…  Finished for the day mid afternoon so at least had a few hours together to just chill.  My brain started to turn back on then and I became human again.

I swear this is progress ;)
And while I'm in Oakville this week, the stairs should be taken out and new ones put back in.  Actually wish I could see some of that -- interested in the process.  But real life being what it is, that's the piece I'm *not* there for.  Classic eh?   Ah well -- should be very cool to see next weekend.


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