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"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Leaving paradise

Happy Valentines!

Sadly we started the day by packing up to leave paradise.  Boooo :(   We actually didn't have to leave till mid-afternoon though, so we checked out and headed to the pool.  There was a crazy bridezilla sitting next to us.  Her wedding had been a couple days ago and she was still going on.  Her groom was nowhere to be see ;-P

Had lunch and wandered the shops a little and then had time for one last dip in the pool before heading to the airport.  The drive was much better than the one in -- sat up front so could see and not feeling ill.  Also just might've been a smoother ride.  Distinctly possible that first bus was just brutal.

What an amazing week overall.  Still so very happy.  Maybe write more later, but rest now.  On the plane ready for takeoff.  -40, record low, expected at home tonight.  I am not okay with the 70 degree temperature change.


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