Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Moving on up

Today everybody (well, all except Jordan and Steph) was leaving.  I was sadder than I expected to see them go.  

Spent the morning packing up our own stuff, and then headed to the beach.  Since we'd checked out, we stored our luggage but had our passports etc on us and didn't want to leave them alone.  Somewhat limiting.  Chris offered to stay with our stuff so I could go in the water with Em and chat for a bit.  Super nice.  I had brought my bouquet down and after we got out of the water I threw it to Emily ;)  She seemed pretty happy about that -- here's hoping! 

Our party had a bus to themselves, which was very cool.  Chris and I saw everybody off and then had lunch with Steph and Jordan before relocating to the Palace.  Yup, not even kidding, the name of the resort is the Riu Palace.  The resort there is very Chris.  Modern, very clean cold lines, etc.  But everything is also a step up.  The staff is sharper and speak better English.  The room we have -- which I feel Jen probably procured us an upgrade - is spectacular!  Absolutely amazing :)  We even have a Jacuzzi *g*   And while not nearly as nice a view, we can still see the ocean…

The pools I actually liked better at the other resort.  A more comfortable design, more privacy, and far better shade.  This resort will have shade in a few years, but the trees haven't grown yet.  The design though will still be very militaristic with all straight lines and stadium seating.  The seats themselves, however, are much nicer at the new resort :)

We spent the afternoon just relaxing by the pool and enjoying one another's company.  Had some good conversation and a great lazy afternoon.  Pretty sweet.  And of course, perfect weather.

This eve we managed to snag dinner at the Japanese a la carte restaurant.  They have two seatings: 6:15 and 8:15.  But if you show up at 6:30 or 8:30, you can snag any spots that haven't been taken.  Not a bad system :)   We didn't entirely get it at first, and were earlier than officially permitted, but there was another person there with a group who knew he had a cancellation so we got lucky and took their spot.  Yeah!  Not really my style of food, but C certainly seemed to enjoy it :)   And I was way too far into my happy bubble to care *g*

Lovely, relaxing day with my husband.  Yup - I have one of those now :)   Pretty sweet.


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