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"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

A resort day

Today the vast majority of our group was going into town.  I was late coming down to breakfast and both surprised and happy to discover that Chris had told them we were planning to stick around the resort; I figured he'd want to go.  But I was really exhausted and honestly didn't want to do much more than find a chair at the pool and hide, so kinda grateful everyone else was disappearing.   Jen decided it was our girls' day together -- it's sad how little time we've actually had to spend together :(   She lives in France, so I don't get to see her nearly enough, and then flew all the way to CR to help me get married and I *still* didn't really get to spend time with her.  So she claimed the day and we found a spot at the pool.   C dropped by every once in a while to visit, and I spent pretty much the whole morning there -- it was wonderful.

Then in the afternoon, the plan was the same, but Jen realized how many stupid little things were still on my to-do list for the wedding and promptly took it over.  Which was awesome and such a relief, but again completely detracted from our time together.  Booo.  In all her running around, she arranged for Chris and I to go have a massage on the beach.  Sweet.  I've only had one massage before, and it was more painful than pleasant, but figured at least it was time we could have alone together.

It was absolutely amazing.  Turns out a massage for relaxation is a whole different game than one to fix problems.  And way at the end of the beach, so all you could hear was the waves crashing.  So nice and relaxing and wonderful.  About half way through my brain even stopped spinning.  It was so exactly what I needed.

Does it get any closer to paradise?
After the massage we went for a walk away from the resort.  Past the locals' area of the beach and up a little road leading to the Monkey Bar.  We didn't go for the bar, we went for the monkeys that frequent it.  Yup, I finally got to see and watch monkeys in the wild.  So awesome.  And so much fun.  So by the time we went back, I was recharged and feeling much better.

My first monkey!
We also found a place to rent horses on the walk back.  Hopefully we'll get to do that later this week.  Played in the water a bit, but the undertow was stronger than I was comfortable with, so I retreated to a beach chair and watched Chris play instead.  Highly entertaining :)

Chris being swept away...  And not by me ;-P
We had first dinner on our own at the sushi restaurant and then joined the group for second dinner at the main restaurant.  All the parents (and aunts, uncles, etc) on both sides had disappeared to a la carte restaurants, so it was just the "kids" at dinner.  I love that we still qualify to sit at the kids table :)   We were there for a few hours; the fun of this resort is nobody seems to care how long you hog a table (or multiple tables).  We just kept adding more tables as more people appeared.

So the day ended significantly better than it began.  I can't believe I'm getting married tomorrow!  And it makes me very happy and somewhat reassured to see how very excited Chris is about it too :)   That has to be a good sign *g*

Tomorrow's the day. 


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