Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Nothing very very good and nothing very very bad ever lasts for very very long

Had an awesome weekend at the cottage last weekend. Amazing weather. Spent most of my time out on the boats :) Fun fun fun. Was super nice to get away, esp with Sienna being off (nothing serious, just a bruise, but very frustrating).

Then get home and the vaca countdown is in single digits! Woohoo. By this time next week I'll be sitting at the airport on my way to . . . Somewhere :) Actually managed to get two flashes written too. Not *quite* sure how that happened but I'll take it :) Going to use yesterday's for Friday though -- the other one can post while I'm away :)

Lessons are going well this week, so that always puts me in a good mood. Horses behaving themselves, riders generally accomplishing what they set out to do, and a couple new students which is always exciting :)

Bilbo (rabbit) is enjoying his new home (I've got a great pic that I'll post later). It's a "Living World" construction and for the most part it's great. It has two pretty serious flaws though -- worth noting if you're considering a new rabbit habitat :) The first, and most critical, is that it seems to be incredibly slippery. Bilbo was having a really hard time moving around his cage cause his feet kept slipping out from under him. I taped some corrugated cardboard down (under the shavings) and that seems to have solved the problem, but really - if you're making a cage for a rabbit, don't you think you'd make one a rabbit could comfortably navigate? The other issue is more of an annoyance than anything. The plastic snaps that hold the access doors shut are of exceptionally poor quality. Of the four, one was broken when we opened the box. Two more broke the first time we used them (before Bilbo even saw his new home). The fourth is still there and holding - for the moment. The others have all been replaced with velcro. hahaha On the plus side, the second floor is a big seller -- Bilbo's almost always up there now.

And for your completely random moment of the day: Both amusing and scary -- how often do you suppose people really check your credit card signature? Even if you sign it "I stole this card"? Credit Card Sigs Investigated


Love the thought of the day ... I wondered the very same thing the other day ... NO ONE CHECKS anymore.

Back when I worked at Barnes & Noble (many many moons ago), we scrutinized signatures...


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