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14 Days....

The countdown says 14 days and 7 hours and some minutes till vacation. hahahaha to me it's "the end of the month" but I keep forgetting that the end of the month is soon! Just had to share :)

So Bilbo (my Lion-mane bunny) got a new home today. Still with me, but a serious upgrade to his old cage. This one is bigger, higher (so he can see out the windows), and has a second floor :) Very very cute to watch him exploring his new home and moving the furniture around where he wants it :)


Ok I have to admit to a guilty pleasure now -- I am rapidly becoming hooked on America's Got Talent. I've never watched it before (of course I've seen the odd YouTube of somebody on both that one and the British version, but never actually seen the show) but I find myself walking by, seeing it on, and being entirely drawn in. hahaha Not quite at the place yet where I turn it on or search it out, but definitely finding myself sitting down to watch when it is on.


hm maybe I'll get a rabbit too,seems very cute

did you see Fighting Gravity? they're pretty cool


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