Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Don't try this at home...

It was a weekend that seemed very long and not in a good way... Did you even know that could happen? Poor horse is still not sound so no riding. Everybody else seems to be having the same problem, so no teaching. Most of my friends vanished for the weekend (between kids, husbands, their own horses, cottages, etc) so no social life. Really what's left? My car got cleaned (albeit mostly cause my mum deemed it unfit to be a passenger in hahaha -- and given that she's a non-horse-woman, she's probably right :). I read a book or two. Dug some more of Sienna's ditch. Painted some fences. Did absolutely no actual work. Sounds great eh? Except that I got comparitively so little exercise that I didn't sleep. So then I was both tired AND bored. Ugh. Thinking of the $ I was not making since I wasn't teaching, thereby making it that much harder to save for my school. And when I finally decided to use the time for good and gave in and decided to do some paper work, it got late very fast and suddenly it was time to go back to bed. Where I lay listening to the clock chime till it was time to get up again. Sheesh.

Plus side -- it was absolutely unbelievable weather :) And for me that makes a ton of difference. hahaha Sitting outside on Fri night writing my flash (alright I'm a geek, we know that, let it go :) was super nice as it was so warm and the sun set around me -- like being back in Cuba writing on the beach :) Well maybe not *quite* like that, but close!

This vid is making the email rounds -- I've seen it a couple times now, and it always makes me smile so I thought I'd post it. This would be yet another example of why "you tube videos should not be tried at home" is one of The Rules >;-P



The psycho in me was waiting for him to fall... but wow. Kinda cool.




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