Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

I'm off to see the wizard . . .

What a crazy few days. Of course today when I had a ton of work to do before I could go away AND scheduled some m/u lessons for people who I had to cancel for my vacation, I end up in meetings all day and well past what should've been the end of my office day. Which sticks me on the wrong side of TO in rush-hour. Not so fun. Which then bumps my teaching. Which then bumped my riding. Which means in the entire month of July I can count the number of times I rode my horse on one hand. Booo on that *sigh*. So now the countdown is @ ummmm 6h, 13 minutes, and 25 seconds and I have yet to pack or sleep. hahaha I can sleep on the plane :)

That's right, the plane :) The plane to where? hmmmm good question. I'm guessing Banff (going with my original "Rockies" idea paired with the new info of "it's a tourist area") -- but I could very well find myself in Nfndlnd tomorrow *g* hahaha Although I think that's going the wrong way time-zone wise, but still. It'll be fun either way though.

So do you ever consider how much of your life is altered by complete strangers? hahaha so I was on the subway the other day, and always being curious (*cough* nosey *cough*) I tend to look around and see what people are reading. One book a complete stranger was part way through caught my attention, so I swung by a Chapters and picked it up :) It's a little thing; a nothing thing; but something I never would have done if not for a complete stranger. All sorts of somebody's made money off the fact that I sat across from that particular stranger on the train. Nobody got killed so I realize it lacks in some drama *g* but it leads me to wonder about how many things in life are unknowingly influenced by unknown people. Just random sleep-deprived babbling :) I'll stop now.


Oh common! You have to give us a title or maybe just an author!! grrr!


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