Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

I'm building castles out of the sands of time

Every time I buy a lottery ticket, for a brief while I genuinely believe I'm going to win :) This is why I buy lottery tickets, not because in reality it's ever going to do anything but waste my money, but because for a brief moment it buys me a really amazing dream. And to me, once in a while, $5 is not too much to pay for a dream.

So since I'm going to be $43million richer tomorrow, in the last few hours I've found a potential farm, or alternately a potential property -- and for that property I have a pretty good idea what I'll be having built on it. It's gonna be one amazing barn let me tell you. Laid out so as to be workable, but with every feature out there :)

Of course I also found my new show horse that I can play at the higher levels with while Si grows up, and several potentials that I'll be showing till I have a few more students ready to compete and then they'll become really amazing schoolies *g*

Of course it all ends tomorrow when I wake up and realize my ticket won't even win me back what I paid for it. But in the interim, so much fun has been had :) N for much cheaper than going out for the evening *g*


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