Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

A bus station is where a bus stops. A train station is where a train stops. On my desk, I have a work station..

So my doctor sent me to go get bloodwork the other day (nothing tragic don't get excited :) and so I dutifully went where I was told. Got there 20 mins before they're supposed to close. And the nurse told me she wouldn't do it cause she was leaving. Ummmm 20 minutes?!?!? But what am I supposed to do, argue with the person whose job it is to stick a needle in me? yeah seemed like less of a good idea >;-P So now I have to go back another day and see if she'll deign to do her job. *sigh* The issue is, I can't get there any earlier than that so it'll always be 20 mins or so before closing. Booo. Ah well, we shall see.

Got on my horse yesterday... She looked good on the ground; didn't feel right though so after a few w/t mins, that was the end of that *sigh* We'll see whether better or worse tonight. Cross your fingers for me :) I figure she'll come sound just in time for me to go away!

Managed to write three flash this week (amazing how much time I have when I'm not riding *sigh*). I've never had a backup supply before :) hahaha kinda fun. Esp as next wk I'll be on vacation. Leaving in 4 days 15 hours 43 minutes and 54 53 52 51 .... well you get the point. Not that I'm counting or anything *g*

Got a pic of Zel from her latest adventures :) She's standing in the middle of a river, decked out in Western gear. hahaha too cute. I miss the Princess Pony. She has a crazy long mane now -- the kind I always wanted to let her have but the need to braid negated. hahaha damn professionalism!

Ok I have to say I was very disappointed with Adobe's website. Given their product line, I expected good and useful. Yeah notsomuch. I tried their search for a suite, where you can pick which products you want and it'll tell you which package has it. Horrible fail. All I really wanted was Acrobat pro, Dreamweaver and Photoshop. While InDesign is rapidly growing on me, it's not enough for me to justify buying it. And I figure flash is on the way out, so I'm not going to put any effort into that. So just those three -- it told me no package. Ummmm both the design premium and web premium have all three? So yeah, epic fail there. Then I wanted to see the difference between the "premium" suites and the regular ones. Yeah right. Never did find out. I decided the package best suited to me (Design Premium) was too expensive, so I'd find out what the individual products cost. Dreamweaver's page was ok and answered my question. The Photoshop page did not. Took clicking buy now to get the price. And even then it was more focused on trying to sell me the extended package (which I don't really need) then telling me about that one. And throughout this all there's stuff moving around the screen and videos poping up -- all of which served to slow my computer to a crawl. It's like we're back in the early 90s with "look what I can do!!!" rather than actually providing useful accessible information. Ugh.

So I went back to see if the above rant was accurate or if I was just having a bad morning. It's accurate. On second try I *did* in fact find the nice factual comparison chart I was looking for, thoroughly buried under a flying butterfly or something dumb like that in the bottom of a hidden FAQ section. Really guys? Smarten up. hahaha only thing is, I *really* like both products and use them pretty much daily so not much option but to deal with them there. Ok end of rant now.

Lunch is over, back to work with me. On a very kewl project at the moment that I'm quite enjoying so that always makes life more interesting :) Cheers.


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