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Summer Games

Ok so I introduced a group of students to Buzkashi the other day -- the toned down pony-club version *g* I contemplated posting a vid of the real thing here, but quite honestly, found it pretty horrendous so opted out. And besides which, women aren't allowed to watch. hahaha Google/YouTube "Buzkashi" if you're interested. The "real" version is the national sport of Afghanistan which involves chasing a goat carcas; deemed to be "the most dangerous game in the world" as well as one of the oldest, like so many equestrian events it has its roots in military history.

Anyways - in MY version of the game we play in teams of three. There are goals (usually made of jump standards) at each end of the ring, and one post right at X. On the post is a crop. The teams gallop to the post to grab the crop, which must the be passed twice within the team and then galloped through the opposing goal. To get the crop from the other team either the defender OR their horse much touch the rider carrying the crop OR their horse. If the crop gets dropped whoever gets off and gets it first is in control. If a rider falls, the other team gets a point -- depending on the level of competition and the level of riders we may or may not allow pushing other riders off their horses. hahaha that sounds very impressive and intimidating, but for that rule to be in play we're ALSO playing bareback. Which means no stirrups to brace against. Which means it takes real talent to shove somebody off their horse w/o falling off yourself. Usually though we try to keep it a little friendlier than that :) Due to the extreme heat and the fact that the game was introduced to AVOID having the horses work too hard, for this group there was a strict "walk/trot" only rule. For novice riders this is also highly recommended! hahaha

Anyways -- it was fairly entertaining and reminded me of all the silly things we used to do goofing around on horseback, so I thought I'd share :)


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