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Happy Canada Day!!!

Ok so yeah, holding my ribs up is a bit of a challenge today. hahaha circus school was fun, but as always too much :) Worth it though *g*

So original plan was the traditional Wits End CT, but then R & M suggested a long hack, and really that just seemed way more fun. hahaha so we loaded up the horses and headed out to Hilton Falls. Such an awesome hack with absolutely perfect weather. Doing the long-slow-miles thing today. No better way to spend a mid-week morning :) Absolutely perfect. N Si was a star! Wooden bridges, scary rocks, lots of cyclists, and PR moments -- all no problem. Woohoo. AND we even got in a serious power-walk for a while. Now to replicate in dressage :)

And then did a whole lot of absolutely nothing for all the rest of the day. Perfect!


I'm sorry, but .....
what happened to theory thursdays??


Theory Thursdays are on hold until after show season due to riding and teaching commitments.

I'm planning to start them up again in October.

Thanks for your interest!!!!


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