Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

The thing all writers do best is find ways to avoid writing. - Alan Foster

Schooling Lexi on Friday was one of those sessions that's a good training day but not necessarily a good ride.   She was a difficult combination of high and lazy.  Ugh.  ADD with no forward.  It was not exactly a fun ride, but in the end she was bending and moving somewhat forward and we ended on a happy note.  I'm starting to introduce basic lateral work, and this weekend she really seemed to get it.  Pretty excited about that :)

Was highly amused today -- she's had trouble picking up the right lead from the beginning, but it's getting progressively better.  Today she was fabulous on the right - getting it several times in a row - so I thought we'd end with the "easy" left.  hahaha yeah, about that.  Took about three tries!  hahaha fix one and break the other.  Sheesh.  Such a typical baby thing.

So your product check of the day/week/month:  -- this site finds collections of indie books in various genres and offers them as a group for sale for a limited time (the current one is fantasy books).  But the fun part is -- you decide how much they're worth (from $1 up), what percentage of your money should go to the author and what amount to the website, and if you'd like some of that to go to charity.  Books are all DRM free, so they'll work on whichever ereader you like.  Have fun!

Of course now I have several books to read, including several *actual* old-school books that Amy lent me, and I'm afraid to start any of them because I know my productivity will decline significantly.  Today's goal is to get caught up on blog posts.  So instead of writing the posts I'm *supposed* to be writing, I'm writing this one instead.  At least that's reasonably productive procrastination :)

Alright, back to work with me.


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