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Spring Training Finale

Last day was tons of fun.  In the morning we did some serious jumping -- starting with competition-style courses and finishing with some tight jumper-turn practice.  Ironically the "scary" jumps from Wednesday were the easy jumps today :)  The girls did a great job -- making me think we're all set for show season!

Everybody - horses and riders were pretty beat by the afternoon set, so we played around instead.  The girls warmed up with no reins -- it was amazing how freely the horses moved :)  So then they switched horses.  Emily got her pony back -- she rode Bella all last year and was really happy to ride her again, Olivia rode Lissy -- one of her favourites, and Chelsea tried out Charlie.  And on their new horses too they rode with no reins and lots of giggles.  Then we switched back to the original horses, but took off the saddles -- no reins, no saddle...  As natural a form of riding as there is.  They even jumped a little :)

Overall a great week.  Everybody's a little exhausted, but the girls rode really well and came a long way in a short time.  Really looking forward to show season now :)


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