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Day 3 and 4 :)

So last night I had a sick horse, so apologies for the lack of blog post but I was at the barn all night.  Was a very long night *sigh* but horse is feeling much better today, so that's a good start.  And I was sort of amused that every time I went in the barn with a flashlight, Mimi would try to follow the light :)  When you're stressed and exhausted it's amazing what little things are amusing.

But the end result is that camp day three and four are getting one big blog post :)

Dressage day three was about riding an accurate test -- we did some more work on getting and keeping the horses connected and some work on test moves, particularly 20m circles at B/E.  It's amazing how often circles change shape or size *g*   BUT there was a reason for this as today the girls got to test ride.  We did a mini-lesson and then I gave them about 10 minutes to do an independent warmup before riding a test (huge thanks to Aileen for scribing!).  The girls each put in really decent tests, showing aspects of all the hard work from the last few days.  Really cool to watch.

Jumping yesterday was all kinds of fun.  We were working on building confidence and trust over "scary" fences.  We started with a simple gymnastic that grew quickly to a rather large trot fence.  After that, all the scary fences, which are no more than two feet, seemed tiny and so scary only in appearance.  I was super-impressed with how the girls were riding.  They got the horses over every scary obstacle  even when there was a whole course full!  Charlie *really* doesn't like liverpools, but Em managed to convince him that even it was ok.  hahaha  Then we followed that up today with jumping a full course - which the girls were responsible for designing.  They had a couple unusual distances, but they all managed to navigate it smoothly :)

Can't believe the week's almost over already!


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