Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Just a kid on a pony...

I'd like to say today's ride was a good ride, but it wasn't.  Not technically anyways.  It was, however, a whole lot of fun.  And just occasionally that counts for a lot *g*   Lexi was super high -- first time I've ever seen her like that actually.  Felt like a real TB *g*  But she was civilized about it -- no bucking, spinning, rearing, silliness -- just deemed that we were going for a canter, a fairly fast canter, and I was welcome to come along if I liked :)  hahaha but on the plus side, she was remarkably well balanced.  That counts, right?  Never did get even a fraction of what she's been giving me consistently on the flat lately, but had a lot of fun running around the ring for no apparent reason.  hahaha oh dear.  This moments after somebody asked if I wanted to go to a dr clinic in May :)   Maybe she already feels about dressage as most event horses do?

So my mum found a whole box of ribbons I won as a kid.  Kinda cool to dig through -- found my very first first place ribbon!  (side note - also my very first ribbon :))   Honestly I have to admit the vast majority of them I have no memory of.  Tbh - even most of the ones at the barn from the last couple years I have little to no memory of unless something unusual happened.  But the ones that *did* trigger memories -- those have lasted a LONG time and were well worth remembering.  And some of them have stuff written on the back which mostly makes me smile.


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