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Fun and games at the last show of the season :)

Our final schooling show of the season was excellent!

Fun was had by all!
The dressage tests were starting to seem more like dressage.  Even when Brena's test was interrupted by all the other horses spooking at something outside and darting into the ring (I was happy to see all the riders not only stayed on, but got under control and out of the ring really fast!), she didn't seem terribly frazzled.

Alison and Dixie
For the jumping classes we did the jumper round first.  Today's class was Table A -- the first time these riders have had to do both a clear round and a jump off, and I was really happy to see some changes in how lines were approached.  I had a lot of fun designing these courses and while they were more complex than the previous ones have been, I was really happy at how well the girls rose to the challenge.  A couple girls had challenges riding horses they've never ridden before, but they all figured it out as they went along :)

Olivia and Louis
This was followed up by equitation over fences which seemed really easy after the jumper rounds.  Good to see the development in the riders between the first show of the year and the last.

Rowan and Dixie
Overall we ended up with Olivia in first for the novice division, Alison for the intermediate, and Rowan for the advanced.  Awesome job ladies!!!

Also going on today was the showdown for season high-point champion between Olivia and Rowan -- In the end, Rowan snagged first by a mere 3 points.  Both were about 20 points above the next competitor.  Awesome job ladies :)  First place received a lovely trophy, a ridiculously large ribbon (I'm seriously jealous of that one!), and a stunning custom ear bonnet done in her xc colours.  2nd place also got a seriously large ribbon and a bonnet with her colour sparkles.  They were super pretty and donated by Cavalletti Custom Bonnets - huge thanks!

HUGE thanks to everybody who helped make this series a success!  My dad for harrowing the arena each time and helping with the barn while the show was running.  My mum for helping with organization, scribe and secretary jobs.  Steph and Katlyn for scribing - even on insanely cold days!  All the girls who pitched in to get the barn done at various times:  Rebecca, Amy, Paula, Steph, Emily, Brena -- greatly appreciated!  And of course to Amy for judging the whole series for us!  Thanks so much for all your help to keep our shows going smoothly!


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