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Spring Training - Day 2

Girls and ponies are all a little tired after today, but some amazing things were accomplished!

Relaxing at the end of the day
In our seriously intense and very long dressage lesson this am, all three riders got their horses on the bit, had accurate and correct lateral work, and just generally amazing results.  Sadly I was so busy being impressed by their riding, I forgot to take photos *sigh*  hahaha ah well.  The girls know they did it :)  Definitely a new high for Chelsea and Lissy who brought it to the next level and kept it there!  Woohoo!
Chelsea and Lissy
Lunchtime theory was about setting gymnastics.  The girls worked together to set their afternoon gymnastic -- first by pacing out the distances and then checking their approximations with a tape measure.  They did a really great job of this, had everything within a couple inches.  Woohoo!

Olivia and Bella
Jumping was applying yesterday's equitation exercises over fences.  The girls did a great job through the gymnastic they had built, each continuing the skills they started working on yesterday.  Emily had some of her best jumping yet with Charlie!  Woohoo!  And Olivia has a new challenge jumping with the stirrups looped *over* the saddle instead of attached.  She did an excellent job with it :)  Chelsea's pony was way tired after their superstar performance this am, so her job was to help her pony through it.   Tomorrow's activities are rider challenges not horse challenges, so she'll get to relax a bit then.  Bella is super-fit and not the least bit tired by all the camp games, but the other two who usually do one lesson/day are looking forward to a lighter  challenge tomorrow *g*

Emily and Charlie
And that challenge includes scary jumps!  So we spent some time this afternoon putting together said scary jumps :)   Thanks to Rebecca for the covers - these are going to be all sorts of fun!

Sasha testing out the new jump :)


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