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"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Poor pony :(

It's been quite the week.  Camp's been a ton of fun -- but exhausting.  hahaha I never understand quite why it wipes me out so much.  Camp *should* be way easier than my normal life.  I don't have to do stalls, I'm home by 5:00 every night...  Easiest week ever.  But I find it so much more exhausting than my usual crazy schedule.  Odd.  Ah well.   At least the girls were a lot of fun and made steady progress all week.  That part is always really rewarding -- intensive training bumps them up so much faster than]twice/week lessons...

So Wed started out well -- a super fun ride on my horse who was *very* high thanks to the scary jumps in the ring.  Great camp day that ended with all the girls jumping all the scary fences successfully.  Nice dinner out with a friend from out of town.  All good right?  And then I got a text from one of my boarders.  "Your new grey horse is sick."  Frig :(   So not good.

So I asked her for what she was seeing, and I asked Kirby - who was on for night check - how far away she was, because I was about an hour out :(.  Kirby said 10 mins, and the info I was getting from my boarder suggested I needed to get there.  She very kindly kept the horse walking till Kirby was able to take over, and Kirby - being the amazing person she is - took care of her till I got there, despite not feeling well herself.  Based on the text updates I was getting, I decided to call the vet on the way - so he got there about 10 mins after I did.

Lexi was definitely unhappy and very sucky.  Quite colicky :(  Not severe (thankfully!) but seemed to be getting more uncomfortable rather than less, so I was very happy when the vet came with drugs *g*  Tranq and Banamine did wonderful things for her comfort.  But then I needed to be able to check on her when the drugs wore off...  2h for the tranq and 4 for the Banamine...  9:30 now.  Blah.   So trusting her to be ok while she was knocked out, I left her in her stall and went home to get some overnight supplies, and then booked it back again.  Checking on her at 2h intervals all night was all sorts of fun *sigh*   The tranq lasted significantly longer than the expected 2h.  She was still somewhat drunk at the 2am check.  She was noticeably uncomfortable when the Banamine wore off, but better than earlier in the eve.  We walked for a while and then I just sat by her stall and watched to see if she'd roll or do anything for a while.  When I decided she was getting better rather than worse, I went back to sleep for an hour (yeah for pull-out couches!) until the next check.

Each check after she was progressively better and the next day she seemed pretty normal.  Gave her restricted food and turned her out in a smaller paddock with less hay and warmer water just-in-case.  Today she got to go back in her normal paddock.  Seemed all good, but still sort of dopey and less responsive than usual.  So she gets a couple days off till she's feeling better.

And I have to say -- to all my friends who have small children -- you're insane!  One night of up every 2h and trying to work all day did me in -- doing that every night for months?!?!  By choice?  Awful idea >;-P

Was very happy with how camp went this week, but I'm exhausted and didn't get nearly as much done in the evenings as I'd hoped.  Turns out sorting through photos and writing blog posts takes longer than one might think.  hahaha ah well.  Only thing I'm a little disappointed about is a lack of Friday Flash.  Still have 2h, but I think sleep is going to win out.  Booo.  Someday soon!


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