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Little Lissy and the Giant Attack Turkey

I don't often write about Lissy, because while she's a real sweetheart, she's not a brilliance or disaster type horse - and let's be honest, those are the ones who make for the best stories *g* Lis is more of a "show up for work every day and do her job" type horse, and THOSE are the ones who are worth their weight in gold.

She's been out hacking a couple times in the last month, on the few civilized days we've had, and always been reasonable about it. So yesterday I decided it was time to start conditioning - for both of us :) So instead of ring work we started out on the galloping path (at the trot :). And she was awesome. Power trot and a half and a little ADD, but no shying/spooking/bolting/anything. Boring even *g* Except that in a cross country school horse, boring is just about perfect. So I was pretty thrilled with her. We trotted around the track she knew with only one little canter when she wasn't *as* balanced as she should be on the hill, and then headed off to go through the water. Takes one step in "ummm that's wet and squishy, are you *sure* you want to go this way?" Yes, yes I am. "*sigh* ok then" I swear you could hear her rolling her eyes at the things she has to do for her foolish human as she splashed her way through the stream.

So then decide we'll go down and check out the footing in the plateau. Still too wet sadly (need about 3 days in a row of sunshine - August maybe?) but we walked around the edges. All good except for the VERY SCARY TIRES. hahaha and even that she just took about 3 strides sideways and stood snorting at them. 10 mins later she was contentedly grazing directly beside them. Perfect.

Scary tires overcome, we go back up the hill and head out on the track the other direction. No hesitation, none of the "oooohhhh I've never been *this* way before" that you see in oh 98% of horses *g* Just my cute little school horse quietly trotting around.

And then all of a sudden our nice peaceful hack is rudely interrupted by a GIANT wild attack turkey!!! Argh! *I*, who does not like big birds, was all set for the mad gallop away - even ready to encourage it *g*. But Lis barely even blinked. Nowhere near as concerned about the turkey as she was about the tires. It's the first time I've had one come out while riding that I've been actually able to really look at it -- usually whatever I'm sitting on is too busy leaving :) And I can now tell you, after careful consideration, turkeys are truly ugly and I *still* don't like big birds!

So due to my little horse being braver than I am, she finally gets her own post :)


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