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Best Marriage Proposal Ever

Found this vid when looking for GRS videos... Very little to do w/ horses so a horrible failure as far as that goes, but fairly wonderful for what it is. So thought I'd share :)

I just wish we could've seen her reaction!


hmmmm ok back story as comes with the vid when it's not embedded:

"I have known my fiance Tracey Wade for over 14 years and wanted to propose to her in a very unique way. Tracey thought we were just going to the movies on a Sunday afternoon. Little did she know, I had rented the entire theater and filled it with 160 of our friends and family. I made it seem as though we were showing up a little late to the movie and went in to the theater after the lights had gone down and the movie trailers were already playing. This was done to keep her from recognizing anyone in the theater. What I had done was make an entire movie trailer that had actors portraying both Tracey and I at different times in our lives, both present day and in the future. After a few trailers played including one for Lord of the Rings the one I had made started. Tracey thought it was just another trailer for a movie soon to be released. Tracey was just perplexed as to how many different things had similarities to our relationship, she kept nudging me throughout the trailer. Tracey had no idea this was a marriage proposal until the last three seconds of the trailer."

*insert a whole bunch more details about the making of and the significance of the clips then...*



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