Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

You guys are awesome :)

Ok so I've said it before and will probably say it again - I have the coolest students ever. They try hard and genuinely want to learn, and I rarely get any whiny excuses from anybody (creative excuses are in a different category - but they're usually worth listening to :)

But no matter how much I love my job, there are occasionally days that are *very* long. And on those days, by the time I get home, signing into my computer to do paperwork and answer messages somehow is not the most appealing thing on my list. So, as with so many people I got exactly as far as turning on the machine before I managed to hit procrastination mode. "Oh I'll just go on Facebook for a second." Uh huh - how many of you have said that before? BUT the responsible side of me said if I insisted on playing (for let's be honest - that's what it is :) on Facebook, the least I could do would be to check in on and respond to any posts on the business page first.

Well I have to say, this screenshot that Maryam had posted totally and completely made my day. From the group that I introduced to dressage today -- a first ever for two of them... And only one of the messages had shown up on my wall, so the other two were a complete surprise. Best. Image. Ever.

Thanks girls! And now... Back to work >;-P


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