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"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Why on Earth would you want to be in a shower of babies?

I was at a baby shower this weekend - those of you who know me will realize that liking neither showers nor babies, this is a true test of friendship. But I went and when they announced "games" I tried to hide. But fortunately they kept it to reasonable - one was words - coming up with potential baby names out of the parent's names, which kept me reasonably amused (I didn't officially play of course, but I provided a reasonable number of options to those who were :) and the other was to paint a "onesie" - which sadly I know what that is since all of my girlfriends seem to be having children. Sheesh. I painted mine with a skull and cross bones. hahaha is that bad? Maybe I won't get invited to any more showers now *g* Except that I expect the parents-to-be, who've been friends of mine since high school, will be fairly amused by it. Ah well, that's what makes for good friends right?


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