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Quit my day job? Why would I want to do that?

So the other day I was on a writing site that had an article about "How to quit your day job" - the idea being, as most writers dream of, to write and be paid sufficient amounts for it. I've read a few of these. Never have I seen one with any actual practical advice. But what interested me this time as I read it was that I was not even remotely interested in trying it. For the first time ever "quit your day job and write" was not an appealing idea. It would seem that I've finally found the *right* day job :) One that I actually want to do. hahaha and you know, it seems so simple really - but how many people do you know who wouldn't give up their job in a heartbeat given the opportunity (say winning the lottery?) I would change my job slightly with said lottery earnings but I really don't think I'd give it up. And that's a very kewl realization. Kinda made my day actually.


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