Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Today's lessons learned...

They say you should learn something new every day. I figured I'd save up a few days at once... Today's lessons learned:

Heat is a great excuse not to run.

Don't step in the deep mud wearing flip flops... The flip will load the shoe with mud and the flop will cover you head to toe with it.

It is totally acceptable to wash your clothes in the river. Even while you're wearing them :)

If the odds are good you're going to end up soaking wet, wear black. It'll be dry in no time!

When you lead a horse into deep water, be prepared to be soaked.

Have an extra set of clothes for when you end up soaking wet.

If you happen to lose your clear safety goggles in a rapidly flowing river, simply say goodbye. You're never going to see them again.

Weed eaters should NOT attempt to eat metal jump ties...

When the weed eater chokes, stop feeding it.

When unraveling metal jump ties from the weed eater, keep in mind that the metal is likely to be HOT.

It's best not to try to hammer anything into a rotten board.

It is *not* a particularly good idea to try to repair a broken fence without first turning off the electrical. The time you save is not worth the aggravation you gain.

When the humidx passes 40 degrees, it's fair game to go play in the river for an hour or so :)

L and I had a random conversation about frogs; tonight when I was doing turnout there were frogs everywhere. I think tomorrow we should have a discussion about winning the lottery.

When you're hiking a xc course that has sawgrass up past your knees, wear long pants. Doesn't matter how hot it is; trust me on this one.

All it takes to chill out the overly excited horse is to ride him five times in two days and increase the temperature 20 degrees. Note that the same technique does *not* work for the thoroughbred.

While I may wear up to four layers of clothing in the winter, I still somehow go through more clothes in the summer...

Hey - nobody ever said the lessons learned had to be important :)


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