Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Really just posting to wish the most awesome mother ever, and coincidentally, my most dedicated reader *g*, a wonderful Mother's Day!!! Love you Mum :)

Completely unrelated to anything - a fairly well done video I came across:

So I was going through old photos for something and found a proof of Zel and I in 2007 jumping a chevron (if I recall correctly one of two on a bending line). Anyways it was a cute photo and a ton of good memories so I gave Andrew a shout - and sure enough he still has them! Yeah for awesome photographers with good records :)

Did you hear Superman has renounced his US Citizenship? Just found that sort of amusing so thought I'd share :)

Am absolutely loving the current weather! Lots of hacking. Lots of outdoors :) A few stories on the GRS blog for the interested *g*

Ok so that's probably enough babbling for the moment. Later :)


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