Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Woohoo! 40,000!!!!

So several years ago I did a nano (that was a particularly horrible piece of writing might I add) in which strictly for word-count purposes, every time my mc met a new person (which happened fairly regularly), she felt the need to tell them everything that had already happened. This made for the most boring novel ever, but it did get me to 50K. This nano, I just had a scene where my character legitimately should've retold the entire story and then some and I summed it up with something like "she told the story" and seriously considered adding "see the last 30000 words". hahaha the comparison just struck home how much more fun it is when you're actually enjoying the story you're writing :) Tonight I passed 40K. And that's not counting the part of the story I wrote (like think pen and paper wrote) on the subway the other day *g* Sweet! Latest smashwords version is #431 in queue. 


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