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An untitled post

So I swear I haven't jumped off the face of the planet. Yet. Just been extraordinarily busy! Nano is still on track, albeit slowing down. Going to make a big push for the last 10K this weekend. Will put up a new Smashwords tomorrow eve :) Little Lissy's proving herself to be a superstar. I just adore her. She picked up the whole on-the-bit thing super-fast (ok so a LONG way from confirmed, we're up/down and all over the place stage. But she got the concept and can keep it longer and longer each ride). She's up to about 1/2h rides of mostly walk/trot with a short canter each way and as of today, little jumps. She has also mastered the art of standing still for grooming, mounting, adjusting tack, dismounting, etc. Something I insist on from my schoolies. Esp beginner level schoolies!


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