Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Once upon a time it was the only way TO get to school!

So a highschool kid in Massachusetts (yeah I def had to spellcheck that!) decided that for school-spirit day he would ride his family horse from the nearby hunt club to his high-school dressed as a knight. He even had a squire with the horse on a lead as an extra safety measure (presumably instituted by parents who agreed to the borrowing of the horse). They toured the property at a walk, before being asked to leave by the principal. Leave and not return. The knight was suspended for two days and the squire for one day and 2h of community service. Because the horse was "the equivalent of bringing in a loaded firearm". Hmmmm let me see -- would I rather face a quiet horse walking on a lead with a bunch of laughing people around or a mad kid with a loaded firearm? Let me think long and hard about that. Sheesh. Source: And of course, the video:


"I don't even think you understand how much I love you"

Did I hear right? Displays of love for simply sitting on a horse?!

Either I'm riding the wrong discipline, or I need to move to Massachusetts!


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