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Nano Procrastination

Sooooo.... So far this afternoon I rode one pony and lunged a second. I wrote a couple blog posts. I updated part of the GRS site. I emailed a friend about Lissy (who I'm still pretty happy about it :) Set the latest smashwords uploading (only #24! So should be fast tonight :) Let's see, what else. Oh yes, I hit "refresh" on my fb page a couple hundred times; mustn't forget that! You'll note that nowhere in there does it say I wrote a whole lot of my nanonovel *sigh* Stalled. It will start up again. I have faith *g* But rather rapidly the published version is catching up to the written version! Yikes. And of course Monday's are no-write days. So hopefully come Tues eve I'll be feeling all re-inspired! hahaha we shall see. Words *are* getting written, just not any great volume of them... *edited a few hours later to add* -- YEAH reached 35K! Going to sleep now :)


You're doing an _awesome_ job with the story, 3/5 towards your goal in 1/2 the time, and the owner of a new horse!

Sounds like someone's having a great month :-D


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