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Nano day 2 -- and already babbling.

So in Nanowrimo procrastination I'm uploading the first 1000 words to Smashwords (which doesn't really count, since they're also on here as one of my earlier Flash - just as well since its been more than an hour. I suspect their servers weren't *quite* ready for the number of nano-users they got!), had a ton of fun shopping (thanks a lot J. Really.) and ordered a new-to-me dressage saddle to try (for the record I *have* been looking for a new dressage saddle since summer... But to be the quality I want will have to be used, since new isn't ever going to be in the budget, and there aren't toooo many of those that appear in the stores I frequent. And really, I'm just too lazy to do the BB thing for something that's not tragically necessary yet). Of course as soon as I did that my horse felt the need to destroy her rain sheet (well beyond repair). *sigh* classic. Hopefully there'll be something to be had for cheap at the Royal (yeah for taking Tuesday off work to go play -- if you're going to be there, let me know :) Spent several hours browsing horse ads on the quest for school horses. Which I did NOT buy, not having anywhere to put them yet! Hahaha so yes I know that's an entirely pointless endeavor at this point, but it did succeed in keeping me busy when I should be writing. And now I'm writing a post about not writing my nano. It's gonna be a fun month :) And how's that for about the most incoherent run-on paragraph yet? On the plus side, I did actually meet today's word-count, so that's a good start. It's not particularly *good* writing, but the volume is there :) I also wrote some last night -- as in literally wrote. As in pen and paper. As in now I have to type what I wrote for it to count *sigh*. The first year I did it half the story was on sticky notes. It eventually got ceremoniously burned *g* I'm not convinced my story has any point whatsoever. My character has no idea what she's doing and I'm very much afraid that's not going to change. hmmmmm well I guess time will tell eh? About a month from now :) Spent all day today convinced it was Wed. It's proving to be another of *those* weeks. Ah well. Back to back meetings all day tomorrow; therefore will have no time for actual work; which makes me wonder why exactly I'm going to work. hahaha I shouldn't say that -- all of them should actually be useful, and if they weren't all on the same day when I had something else I wanted to be doing, I wouldn't think anything of it; it just strikes me some days that I seem to spend more of my time in meetings about projects than actually getting them done! So I have one character who has the disconcerting ability to be able to read another character's thoughts -- this is going to come in useful at some point, I'm sure. I just don't know why yet. But I realized that did brutal things to my wordcount #s when in any conversation only one of them has to speak. Poor nano strategy there! hahaha ah well -- it'll make up for the 5K head start :) Ok back to the writing now. Really. Here I go...


Meetings: I *used* to think Dilbert was funny, until I graduated and discovered it is actually fact. Why is it everyone I know swears Scott Adams works in the cubicle next to them?! :-)


saddles: have you ever tried a Childéric dressage saddle?


hahaha T I'd love to, but I can't afford to dream even about a *used* Childeric!

Yes Dilbert is really a "laugh or cry" form of humour.


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