Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Pony fun :)

So Superstar Sienna was a babysitter today. I was so proud of her! Lissy was just a little intimidated by being in the very noisy arena by herself so Sienna came in to keep her company. And then both were great :) Lissy's very unfit so not doing much more than walking around with the occasional short trot. But she was quiet and relaxed. Shows some nappy tendencies, but they're not out of control so should be manageable. And then we went outside (where there were other horse friends for her) and she was great out there too. Superstar pony! Only down side is her ground-manners are somewhat lacking. Made me appreciate how far Sienna has come. But that's ok, I can fix that :) Have to admit being pretty happy w/ Little Lissy :) Ok now to go write like 4000 words since I haven't written much in the last two days! Yikes :)


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