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So when you start your day getting killed by a ghost, the rest pretty much has to get better right? Sheesh. Yes that is the type of week it's been. Highly entertaining but yikes! That particular dream that woke me up this morning would've actually made an excellent flash if I'd written down the script right away. Now it's too far gone from my memory and way out of my realm of stories I usually write so I suspect if I tried to force it it wouldn't work at all. A bit of a shame cause other than the fact that it was *me* in it, it was quite a good hallowe'en type story *g* Lissy is settling in nicely. She is super-cute and seems to be loved by everybody except Sienna *g* Classic eh? Very underweight and under muscle, but she's quiet and tries hard. We're just doing short rides and building up fitness. Si's almost there. Bruise is slowly going away. One of those things that's a relief because you know it's nothing serious and frustrating to be out for so long because of nothing serious! She trots out sound on her own now, but is still short w/ a rider. So no riding yet :( Booo. Hopefully next week sometime.
Lissy :) -- photo cred to Rebecca
hahaha have a project that I'm quite enjoying at work but that had one piece that was frustrating me to no end that I finally resolved today -- hahaha feeling pretty proud of that at the moment. Things have been totally crazy at work, riding, and coaching. And of course nano. Need time to just take a breath. I think I can schedule that on Sunday :) And speaking of fun projects, spent all day Tuesday touring Hamilton museums. Some days I love my job :)
Waiting for other people to arrive at a meeting at Dundurn Castle
Nano is coming along. Not quite as quickly as I'd like, due strictly to lack of time, but it is coming. New smashwords is uploading as I type... Number 1140 in queue *sigh* so it'll probably be ready mid-afternoon tomorrow... Considering going to the all-night writing session this weekend. hahaha haven't been to any of the social events this year at all, but I figure if you're only doing one, that's the one to do :) Will likely depend how much I have to do on Sunday though! This week's is a show checklist. Not so much theory as useful reference material. Feel free to comment anything you feel should be added!


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