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Nanowrimo - Day One

So we had the coolest display going for Hallowe'en -- people were stopping on the sidewalk to watch. hahaha very impressive. And of course I got video and of course I can't upload it *sigh* At least I've discovered it's a known Blogger error that apparently lots of people have run into and nobody's been able to resolve. Boooo. If or when I find a workable solution, I'll share. In the interim -- Nanowrimo starts today ( for the uninitiated) which somehow I've decided to attempt again after a several-year hiatus. And I think a couple of my friends are trying for the first time ever as well :) Woohoo! Which means, see you in Dec!!! hahaha that or blogging will become the ultimate writer's procrastination and you'll have more messages than ever before. But realistically I think both #FridayFlash and TheoryThursday are on hold for the month. In fact, the only reason I'm posting this is because I cheated and used a story that's already got about 5000 words to it, so I'm a couple days ahead of the game. Since I have no time to write on Monday's, we know this won't last long, but I figure I'll take advantage of it for today *g*


How do we go about following your nanowrimo progress?


Oh good, I don't feel so bad, because I'm doing the same thing - started something in October to see if it had potential. I don't really know if it does but I'm going with it anyway!

See you in another 45K...haha


hahaha Linda it's not cheating it's intelligently planning to make sure you're embarking on project with a hope of succeeding :) 44K to go!

T - I'm contemplating putting it on Smashwords but not sure about that yet. It'd keep me honest, but otoh, I rarely write stories in order, so may not make much sense!


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