Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

There's a plus side to everything -- if you look hard enough.

So I've decided I'm not quite as fit as I prefer to be, but I really have no convenient time for the variety of exercises I actually enjoy (since I'm usually either riding or teaching when they're on). So today I sucked it up and went for a run at lunchtime. Not terribly long -- google tells me it was a little over 2km. But man, when I got back to the office my quads were just about ready to go on strike. Sad, very sad. I miss spin class. On the plus side, cardio was a non-issue. So that was a pleasant surprise :) Figure I'll run a few times/wk @ least until the first HT and see how that goes. Weather better hold though cause I'm def a fair-weather jogger *g* So one good thing that came out of our Grandview adventures -- comments! Lots and lots of comments. hahaha and as just about any blogger will tell you, the one thing more entertaining than writing the post in the first place, is reading other people's reactions ;) Well that and, I guess, discovering people are actually reading *g* So apparently we need disastrous shows more often cause the "we went, had a blast, won the day" posts don't get nearly the same response. But, ummmm, maybe we won't tell my coach that >;-P


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