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"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Random lunchtime babbling :)

So I've been fairly entertained by the story of How Apple Lost the next Iphone -- just imagine yourself, a young engineer working for Apple; you're testing out the new iPhone -- but it's top secret, so you've disguised it as an old iPhone. Brilliant. But it's been a long day so you stop at the pub for a beer... Like everybody you carry your phone with you. Unlike everybody, yours is a top-secret prototype. Finishing your beer you head home for the night. Without your phone. Less brilliant.

Slightly intoxicated jovial man finds your phone and attempts to return it to anybody nearby. Failing to find the phone's owner, he gives it to your "friend" whom you've never actually met before, but were seated beside. Friend is slightly more sober and turns it on to find your Facebook page. Tries to play with the camera but it doesn't seem to work. Deciding he'll locate you and return the phone tomorrow, your new friend goes home for the night. Next day friend tries to turn phone on but it's been locked. No good. Then he takes a closer look at the phone -- there's something nqr about it... Oh wait, that'd be the handy dandy disguise! Prying it apart, he discovers somebody's lost far more than a simple iphone...

Something other companies would pay for. $5000 for. Gizmodo had a fun time dissecting the phone and posting their findings online before eventually returning the phone to apple at their lawyer's request.

Well I was amused anyways. I imagine the engineer's boss was less so *g*

So Saturday I fell off my horse; Sunday I was pretty stiff, but reasonably functional. Monday I went running; Tuesday I could hardly walk. Therefore running is far worse for your body than throwing yourself from great heights at a solid surface. hmmmmmmm Just saying...

Found this site interesting -- it reunites found photos with their owners: I Found Your Camera


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