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"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Simply enchanting

hahahha so had a good laugh today -- was writing a press release today and mistyped "enhanced" so hit the auto-spell-correct without really looking at it. When I reviewed it later it was to learn that the user experience was enchanted. LOVED it. And were it my product, I'd probably have gone with that :) Sometimes mistakes lead to an even better product. Unfortunately, not my project so I changed it back to what it should've been, but still amused by it. So emotional swings like crazy today. In lesson today got a "great". Quiet, one word, so little. Yet so much. High. Half an hour later. "Stop, what was that?" *Lauren fills in details - most of which resolve around stupid mistake* "Right. Go do it better." Low. High - super excited to discover GV is adding XC to the CT tomorrow (in the snow?!?!). Low - seconds later, literally, getting a message from a "friend" leaving me feeling completely betrayed. High - got a fun new project at work. And on and on and on. It just seemed like every second something was changing from one extreme to the other. And all external sources -- today, at least, it wasn't just me being hormonal >;-P Entertaining lesson today -- gymnastic, 1 to a 2 or 2 to a 1 depending which way you go. The trick was that it started with three barrels, then two barrels, then ideally 1 - but we were out of barrels so the last one was a mounting box with a skinny pole on it. hahaha How well can you hold a line? Si was a superstar though. It was entirely a mental exercise though and not particularly physically difficult -- a problem since I was hoping she would be at least slightly tired tomorrow. Oops. hahaha well we shall see. First show tomorrow. Has been stunningly gorgeous all spring -- so of course it's supposed to be snowing and raining tomorrow. Sheesh. Sleep now.


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