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"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

The day after...

Have you ever ridden a horse who's both high and tired at the same time? Yeah, that's where Sienna was today -- an interesting experience. I had planned on a very light stretchy ride. In fact, I had planned on just hacking around bareback - as relaxed as could be.

Except that when I brought her out, she was bouncing. Couldn't help but look at her and shake my head. Really? You should be exhausted. Seriously. I figure I rode (and like really rode, not just sitting around killing time) for well over two hours yesterday. On top of the 4 hours in the trailer and the few hours hanging out walking around the property in search of just the right piece of grass... And then turned out all day today. She should be sleeping in her stall -- which she was. Till I got there :) But as soon as she *left* the stall...

So fairly quickly abandoned the bareback idea -- my neck and back were still toasted from landing on them yesterday -- definitely not up to that on a jumpy horse. Hop on and head out to sandring (cause of course the weather's perfect today :). She spins when I get on and shies not once but twice in the 20 second walk out there. The walk that she makes every day without looking at a thing.

Let her start trotting and it's her huge I'm-on-a-mission trot that then rolls into the we-need-to-get-there-NOW canter ok whatever. She wasn't frantic, just wanted to power-stride it. Fine. And then all of a sudden she was done. Breaks out of the canter and I need to work to keep her in the trot... Adrenaline over :) Ok so after a short trot we walk and chill - the original plan for the day. But after about three minutes she was ready to go again. Suddenly alert and looking around and back in power mode. ummmmm ok pony. We played the "letsgoletsgoletsgo okI'mdone" game a few times. Like she was feeling high but just didn't quite have the energy to pull it off. hahaha

Obviously didn't ride for very long, but the time we did was amusing. To me at least :)


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