Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

First Encounter - 2nd Ending

As the massive creature landed in the meadow between her and Kale, the little one scurried around in front of Jezina and stared up at his mother defiantly. The adult dragon paused and tilted her head ever so slightly, looking at her child. Jezina had the distinct impression he had just saved her life. At least for the moment. Awestruck, Jezina looked at the giant dragon. She, for it was definitely the little one's mother, was pure power. Her sheer size was overwhelming. The long thick tale of scales had destroyed the trees nearest to Kale with only the slightest flick, sending him retreating further into the woods. Her body was a shimmering royal blue, with huge crystalline wings that reflected the sunlight. Her highly intelligent eyes were golden and framed with huge lashes. There was no sign in her of the fluffy critter with tiny wings she must once have been.

The giant being lowered her magnificent blue head until she was face-to-face with Jezina. She turned her head so one giant eye was pointed directly at Jezina and slowly scrolled back and forth. Jezina held perfectly still, hardly daring to breath. She felt as though every feature were being examined and memorized, for what she had no idea. The dragon pulled back slightly so she could look at Jezina head on. She sniffed briefly and then threw her head up and snorted, as though trying to rid herself of a sour taste. If Jezina hadn't been so scared, she might've been insulted. The dragon reached over Jezina and picked her young up in her teeth by the scruff of his neck, and then spreading her magnificent wings, was airborn. The stunning dragon hovered momentarily over her lair, before she, with a couple slow flaps of her wings, was gone.


So was it better to see what happened? Or better to be left wondering?


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